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JT Foxx travels and does business all around the world, and he is always looking for amazing people to connect with. Whether it's to do business together, have them on his stages around the world and especially at Mega Success (the World Cup of all events attracting the biggest Hollywood celebrities, billionaires, millionaires and entrepreneurs from 87 countries), here is what Mr. Foxx is looking to connect with:

  1. Billionaires and Multi-Millionaires (All over the world)
  2. Promoters where JT Foxx can speak on stages
  3. People who want to hire JT Foxx to speak at their event or office
  4. High-level media, magazine, newspapers, radio, TV, or online publications
  5. High-level people who could be on Mr. Foxx’s stages or Mega Success
  6. High-level business coaches we can hire to work for us
*** What's in it for you?

On a case-by-case basis, we will either cut you on the deal if we do business together, or we will reciprocate back and add value to your life or business. You will know our terms before we engage, and we won’t do business unless we both agree. We don’t go around people.

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*** We don’t spam and this info will not be sold to anyone.

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